Portable EFT POS device offering multi-sensory feedback with improved security and privacy

How might we qualify vendors and payers as different user groups to meet their varying needs, and give a sense of privacy and reassurance to payers?

The mobile payment devices become more and more complex, incorporating the functionality of cash registry and payment devices into one. The approach of having only screen-based interactions makes it possible for the vendors to operate cash registry features and access more information. However, the more digital it gets, the more touch and feel we lose. DUO aims to meet varying needs of vendors and payers by focusing on digital interactions at one side, and tactility on the other. It provides multi-sensory feedback to meet with needs of the minority and draws a clear line between vendors and payers actions to improve the feeling of security.

2014 | Individual Work | 12 weeks

in collaboration with Futero Design

with user feedback from Association of Visually Impaired

IF Design Talent 2015, Reddot 2015 best of the best

‘‘Considering that mobile payments can be more and more prevalent than ever, this design implies a caring consideration to the minor people’s need, meanwhile, the rotatable display indicates a smart UX feature through the connection of software and hardware factors.’’

iF 2015 Jury-Statement

Payers Side

Vendor’s Side

Process Highlights