Harken Screw Driver
Brand & Product Analysis

Take an existing screwdriver, add a new functionality, rebrand it and make it work with the existing components

The focus of this project was to design for manufacturability and visual brand expression. Provided with internal components of an existing screwdriver, we were asked for designing a screwdriver with an added functionality for a brand of our own choice using the same components. The challenge was to use 17 hours in total for the visual analysis and documentation of the brand, the ideation and design of the new screwdriver; and having a functional prototype at the end of 4 weeks.

The final result is a screw-driver designed for Harken, an international manufacturer specializing in performance sailing hardware and industrial solutions, with a bits storage function-X.

2016 | 4 weeks | Individual work

I was trying to make enclosure clean and seamless from both sides. In the final proposal, screws are placed in the inner shell.