Eksi Muhendislik

Ekşi Mühendislik
Brand Identity

The identity work is done for a survey engineering consultancy. Survey engineers` primary role is to determine the position of natural and man-made objects on the earth’s surface, and record it for future planning purposes; to set and reset boundaries both within the country and internationally.

Based on the services the company provides; earth, land, and analysis became the main symbolism used in the logo and animation. Balancing playfulness and trustworthiness was also one of the key elements in this project.

2020 | 2 weeks | Individual Work


Welding companion for small scale-metal workshops

How might we introduce collaborative robots into small scale workshops to increase safety among workers?

Vision for collaborative robotics | Small-scale or large-scale?

The way collaborative robotics are seen today is solely humans and robots working next to each other without the robots harming the human. However, working collaboratively is more about communication, support and helping each other. This does not happen in large-scale production facilities because the tasks are monotonous, and the robots do not need to be reprogrammed that often. With this set up, robots stay as machines working behind cages. Bringing industrial robotics from large-scale to small-scale production facilities opens a room for true collaboration between humans and robots with a high level of interaction. In the small scale workshop, the robot can become a co-worker rather than a machine working next to you.

Miko is a professional welding robot for small-scale metal workshops. It is designed to work in a close collaboration with the welder. Small-scale metal workshops compete with larger production facilities by being able to offer flexibility. This requires them to have an agile process and equipment that is efficient and easy to set up. Miko aims to bring automation into the small-scale metal workshops. With the help of the teaching tool Link, Miko is fast to set up and does not require any prior skills in programming. With Miko in your team, you can avoid health risks caused by exposure to harmful fumes, strenuous positions and UV-light. Miko finishes the job while the welder is planning for the next one, increasing efficiency and safety in small-scale metal workshops.

2017 | 8 weeks | Teamwork with Jakob Dawod & Jon Sommarström

in collaboration with ABB Corporate Research

with user feedback from Allmek Svets 

IDEA 2016 Silver

The fun part is problem-solving, calculating and coming up with solutions, the actual welding is not so interesting.”


“Both me and my colleague Micke had to go through shoulder surgery because of the unusual work positions like positioning the arms above the head”

Magnus Englund
Allmek & Svets, Umeå
Mobile to adapt momentary needs

Traditional industrial weld robots are one-off solutions where perform one task repeatedly in a fixed position. It became obvious during our field research that in small-scale workshops there is a need for flexible automation. Welder’s tasks vary from day to day and that their workstations are transformed according to the needs of the job. Because of this, the solution had to be flexible to be able to help wherever needed; and provide a wide reach to cover variety of different tasks.

Easy set-up

Small-scale workshops having 5-20 employees, cannot afford hiring specialist to program welding robots. This hinted that the product had to be easy to operate so that any welder could use it without prior knowledge of programming. Link is the main interaction tool between the welder and the robot.  The welder shows the weld path to Miko by simply going over the edges with Link. With the help of indoor triangulation system and image recognition, Miko knows where to apply the weld. Link makes it possible to operate Miko in a more natural way, similar to how welding is done today. Because of this, Link’s semantics are inspired by the traditional weld guns.

Activation & Feeling in control

Miko is activated by docking Link into the interface. This way, we aimed to give a feeling of control to the welder.

Light Guard

When welding you need to take into considerations your colleges around you. Being exposed to the light from the arc can cause eye damage. The adaptive Light Guard makes MIKO into a safe assistant in the workshop reducing the risk of coworkers being flashed by the arc from the weld gun. It extends or retracts depending on ease of access to the weld area.


Today cage free industrial robots are safe to be around. They work at low speeds and stop when a person gets too close. However, delivering the feeling of safety and being safe is two different concepts. For a collaborative robot working next to humans, it becomes important to deliver a feeling of safety. Based on these insights, we worked on the semantics of Miko and tried to balance friendly character and performance driven workshop product look. To give predictability to its actions, Miko shows its direction of movements with projected lights on the ground.


5 days Sprint

I got familiar with using sprint for product design projects during my time at Designit. Since this project was quite short, we decided to kick off with a sprint week to get it going quickly. At the end of 5 days, we created a low-fidelity scenario movie and archetype options to see users immediate reactions and make a decision accordingly. With the 1:1 scale low fidelity model, we were able to test reach with respect to sizes of workpieces in small-scale metal workshops.

Process Video

Philips ICE

Philips ICE
Intracardiac Echocardiography

Intraluminal Medical Imaging Interface Devices and Systems

Inter-cardiac echocardiography (ICE) is used in non-invasive interventions to provide high-resolution real-time visualization of cardiac structures, continuous monitoring of catheter location within the heart with the ultrasound technology. Since it does not Harm the persons in the lab like the C-arm method using X-ray technology, the efforts put into developing ICE is increasing. Therefore it was important to draw a future vision for what ICE catheter can and should become in the cath lab(1), and I took on the challenge to do so during my time at Philips.

The insights used to develop the final product has drawn from extensive research done in the US prior to my work. The project consisted of mainly 3 blocks; drawing insights from the research and defining touch-points based on the task analysis map created; ideation, prototyping, and testing on main functionality; and execution of the final look and feel.

Usability was the main focus of the project, providing physicians a clear mind map when they are operating the catheter position and orientation inside of the patient. Besides usability, the final result also offers novel solutions in other problem areas: integration of the device to the cath lab system, ease in sterile setup, giving full control to the physicians when it comes to ECHO(2) settings, and high-cost aspect of such an advanced single-use product.

It is one of the projects that I am the most satisfied with the result; thanks to my amazing mentors who provided every resource I needed for this project and their valuable feedback.

(1) An examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart.

(2) An echocardiogram (echo) is a graphic outline of the heart's movement. During an echo test, ultrasound (high-frequency sound waves) from a hand-held wand placed on your chest provides pictures of the heart's valves and chambers and helps the sonographer evaluate the pumping action of the heart.

2018 | Individual Work | 16 weeks

mentors: Andrew Mitchell and Volker Verschoor

 Philips Healthcare Eindhoven, Medical Imaging Department

an example of intracardiac echocardiography catheters used today

Whatsapp Redesign



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2020 | Individual Work | 1,5 weeks

Personal Project to Practise UX Tools, Sketch and Principle

Work in Progress

Opportunity Spaces for Improvement

Based on the qualitative user reseach conducted with 11 participants.

It does not feel personal, lacking playfulness.

Although Whatsapp being a more personal service rather than social compared to Instagram and Facebook, it is perceived more serious. It was a clear fact that this increased the value of trustworthiness in users minds. On the other hand, they were still missing the feeling of playfulness and personal touch to it.

Messages, Groups and Calls being separated leads to confusion

It is very clear from the feedback of the users that messages, groups and chats in different sections did not offer any positive experience or convenience. It rather adds another step to the flowthe users and makes the interface complex.

New Function & Look

Combined to Simplify

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Playfull Quick Access

Quick acces button helps users to reach options easly while keeping the main screen clean and free from cluther. It is designed in a way that it offers a playfull interaction

Personal & xx

To give the personal touch, each contact can have a custom avatar, ringtone, chat color and nickname. This might also function as a conversation starter within the parties.

Stories and Seach

To give the personal touch, each contact can have a custom avatar, ringtone, chat color and nickname. This might also function as a conversation starter within the parties.

Customizable Monochrome Skin

To give the personal touch, each contact can have a custom avatar, ringtone, chat color and nickname. This might also function as a conversation starter within the parties.

Wacth the full demo.


Compact balance bike for kids

Internal project initiated by my me during my time at Designit. We were a team of three, Alexander Bastani, Gustav Mood, and myself. More detail will be added soon.



Visual Design

Free time fun! You can download the high resolution pdfs for print at the bottom. Enjoy!




Calendar inspired by old date blocks with “on this day” information.

Left alone objects


Series of photographs taken thoughout the years, capturing the objects randomly placed and left in public places. I found it tragicly funny, emphatising with the objects and thinking about all the efforts put into making.

Adana – Turkey, October 2018

Rätvikk – Swenden, July 2017

Simrishavmn – Sweden, July 2017

France, March 2019

Dragor Denmark, June 2017

Copenhagen Denmark, May 2017

Demirci – Turkey, August 2018

Copenhagen Denmark, February 2017



Form and CMF exercise on free time.

Duration: 4 hours